Studio Rates

Picking the right recording studio for your recordings can be daunting.

Most recording studios charge a fortune per hour.

So how do you know exactly what you’ll get, for what you’ll be paying?

Even though you can listen to samples of past work, the real work begins and the clock starts running.

How do you then pick the right recording studio?


Try to avoid recording studios that charge per hour.

Don’t pick a recording studio ONLY for their size, luxuries, “cosmetics” or gear. Having the best equipment and lush does not ALWAYS guarantee better recording quality – yet often comes with a price premium.

Instead, pick a recording studio where the producer is excited to handle your recording project. A recording studio, where you’ll feel comfortable .


We charge a low, fee per recording and even though there is a time limit, you will never be rushed.

Please make sure that if you want to record a cover song, that you have the rights to it and make sure that the backtrack you provide is of excellent quality.


Cost to record, edit and mix a song   R3500.00

We have excellent songwriters should you want us to write you a song. Cost per song – R2000.00

There are no hard or cold rules. We will treat every artist according to their needs and ability