Spice up your Wild World of Musical Madness!

There’s not many things so unappealing as uncreativity and unoriginality.

A nice word is “discreative” – being uncreative means you are capable of just about nothing, while “discreative” means yes, you are capable, but it’s more like having your ribs dislocated along the way.

None the less, walking into a store last week , I overheard the song “Paradise Road” playing on the radio. To my utter incontinence, someone tried to “make a dance song out of it, by adding some “hip-hoppish” beat to it – you know how that is, don’t you.

Well, needless to say, it sounded disgusting, awful, totally unappealing and personally I thought it’s like chewing a slab of gum and try to spit out a Da Vinci – impossible! Firstly it won’t work, secondly the end-result is a lame, soggy, formless piece of musical ‘spit-out’ that makes no sense at all, thirdly, Da Vinci is Da Vinci and gum is gum – and of course, I left the store concealing skid marks!

Someone mustv’e definitely decided to jump on some popularity bandwagon, effectively stripping a song that stands as a beacon in the timelines of South African history and culture of the voice it had in those days and beyond. Man, that’s discreativity at its best! If you wish, try and swop sugar with salt in your coffee, then you’ll understand my point. My afterthoughts were: – what happened to being original?
why waste all that energy when you could have written something fresh?
why do we always run after, and maintain the status-quo?

Which lead me to ponder further:
* there is no substitute for being creative and original – these two are best mates
* it’s there, somewhere inside you, YOU just need to unlock it
* being “normal” stifles creativity, may times the “crazy you” act normal for the sake of others
* creativity lets out a gem in you that you thought lay latent, ready for ashes
* creativity opens you up to new schools of thought about tackling opportunities and challenges
* many-a-time, creativity / originality deals hard with one’s laid-backness, as it requires only a few seconds to come up with something new, quick!

I thought I’d put my money where my bigmouth is and milk you some personal tips to enhance your musicality so that others can “live in your world” too:

* Imagination – imagine yourself standing in the middle of a stadium, singing THAT song – all eyes on you and 90,000 fans loving you, idolizing you

* One big mistake is when people stop playing their instruments when they put it down – you need to be able to play the song in your head, figure most things out in your head then lay it down on your instrument!

* Use the mouth as a virtual-instrument to the utmost – it’s the most reliable , handy and available 24/7, it can’t break!

* Try this: the mouth drum (*doosshh*,*diem-ka-ka-dum*,*tick*, *da-da-dish!*)…ever made crazy sounds like these before?

* The mouth guitar (*jwaanng*,*tang-da-dang-dang*)…try, it’s fun and it sounds bad!

* No drums? why not use pillows or the tried and trusted paint jars – come on, annoy your housemates or your neighbour!

* How about churning out some high-pitched beats with sum knives and forks – I’m sure mom will throw you some TLC (tables, ladders, chairs) after that!

* I once used Appletizer bottles, filled it with water and made my own xylo(water)phone, made a rice-shaker with a round tissue holder – these instruments sound wonderful, knowing you made it yourself!

* Try creating your own song / melody using any topic, maybe a bird flying by, the oncoming rain, etc…how difficult / easy is it?

* Try walking in the street hitting congas, adding the mouth-drum and watch people think you’re on your way to the nuthouse!

One can go on and on , but whatever you do, BE ORIGINAL, DON’T BE NORMAL, HAVE FUN, THINK FUNNY THINGS!!!

Here’s a hint: when you copy, you follow, you don’t lead – BE YOUR OWN LEADER!!

There’s a plethora of songwriters / musicians who dared to BE THEIR OWN LEADERS out there. One must single out the late JOHN LENNON who mastered the ability to write songs on basically any topic that came to mind (I’m sure you can think of others in your own scenario).

Originality does not come cheap – think out of the box by thinking how the next person thinks, then think otherwise!
Creativity singles you from the crowd – don’t try to always fit in.

I might sound like “Old Man River” here, but I’d rather listen for hours to the “sound of crashing waves” than to that annoying, monotonous sound of this ONE summer-guy that has us all up in arms: the cricket’s “krr…krr…krr…krr”…!!

But hey, to cut it short, in whatever way you colour up your “wacky world of song and dance”, please don’t do like guy who, 2 weeks ago, walked on the railway line enjoying his music, having his earphones on, not hearing the oncoming train…

Enough said – bye for now.