Mixing And Mastering

Mixing is the process of helping the audio reach it’s highest quality. The purpose of mixing it to get all the different audio files balanced and to get rid of unwanted audio, resulting in a more clean and clear sound. Mixing is also done to get a better stereo image.

Mastering is done to help the audio sound great across all devices and to prepare an audio mix for distribution. During the process of mastering, the audio becomes clean, clear, louder, warmer, fuller and is shaped and enhanced. Mixing and mastering is one of our main services at the moment, but we are also willing to provide the following services:

Audio Editing

We do editing for singles,documentary’s, radio ads, pod-cast’s and many more

Radio Ads & Jingle

Voice Overs

Dubbing for Animation

We recording the vocals for an animation film. That would include audio editing, mixing and mastering.