IT TAKES “YOU” TO TANGO – enjoy your Human Rights!

“…Want effective results? Keep your head and your heart close to each other and let the two come to a clear understanding” – HTN             

Take The Journey
Take The Journey

It’s a well known fact that HTN’s mission was from the start, and still is, to build from the foundation upward, working with people, building character, building value and individual worth, giving rise to the ‘human side’ of potential stars, highlighting who we are as people, first and foremost. This exercise takes time, as one would need to see the music world through another person’s eyes, by virtually trading one’s own perceptions and buy into the next person’s views, likes and dislikes.

Many-a-time, to build up, one needs to strip down unwanted stubble so that the individual’s rise to stardom, if achieved, is lined with the gold of sound character. Factually, in the music experience, the greatest culprit causing the demise of groups or individuals signed to labels, generally the big, single cause of mayhem is the PERSONALITY CLASH –  ‘identity number one’!

For instance, on popular TV competitions you will find the singular individual with huge aspirations, living in a phantom world of stardom, often since childhood, feeling this is his / her moment to release those ‘pent-up desire for stardom, long overdue’. Ask anyone, and you might hear: “I am the next Idol, I have what it takes”, and no one can say that it does not come with part of their personality. Only when summarily dismissed for lack of talent and too many unpolished edges, does the individual’s personality step vigorously to the fore in defense of this accused lack of originality.

But from a human factor point-of-view itself, if one looks beyond thát veil, one needs to  respect the person for having some form of creativity, bolstered with a tad boldness to carry out his / her wishes! The entertainment world is in any case full of people who were rejected at first, but went on to become famous.

In time to come we will blog on our next gig / previous gig results and happenings / how good or bad it was here or there / the technical specs of this or that but, reading our previous blogs, you dó get the pattern that there is a zooming in on YOU, aiming to discover the “original you”, and you might by now have found yourself embedded in an experience of one or other kind reading through these blogs.

Centering on this Human Rights phase, we relish the opportunity to show respect to YOU THE NORMAL PERSON, just the way you are, and HTN gladly aspires to tag you with your own slogan: “I AM ME, AND I AM RESPECTED FOR IT”.

Counterwise, a skewish component of human behavior is that we all revere BEAUTY and BRAWN AT FIRST SIGHT (those good-looking stars) to the extent that we tend to steer well away from those with simple, normal personality attributes. A mountainous recent example that cannot escape mention is when Susan Boyle stepped up to the X-factor microphone and sang hope into millions of hearts, rubberstamping the fact that sometimes our eyes, egged on by our first-see impressions, can be so deceivingly WRONG! There’s no mistaking anymore that it’s what’s INSIDE YOU that counts!

Consequently, there are fierce enemies out there, always trying to throw a stick in the wheel of our costly human qualities: sweet little green jealousy, foul anger, the  stench of backstabbing, to name but a few… Ever heard : “as proud as a peacock?…well, did you know that underneath the peacock’s impressive colorful kaleidoscopic array there’s a pair of sure ugly scrubby feet?  By and large, HTN hopes you haven’t fell victim to any of these atrocities, let alone serve any up on someone else…okay, I guess we all have our skeletons, eh!

It is with reference to non-musical giants of our time that we all can embrace their influences and lasting legacies as music to our souls and the unity of man. So, a la Martin Luther King jr and the Great Madiba, HTN offers you much respect in whatever you aspire, be it big or small. Let no one from today onward tell you you can’t do, or achieve anything, or that you are worthless. If you are able to play only the instrumental 3-chord structure, then go on, no one can take it away from you – just don’t stay there – continuously strive for more!

Be creative in your own right and pride yourself on what you achieve. Just go for it! Ultimately, it is people like YOU that makes the world go round – HTN loves the YOU in you…enjoy!