Either you have it…or GO GET IT!

This time around,I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “EITHER YOU HAVE IT OR YOU DON’T” before. For some it sounds like music, but it leaves others with a blunt, sulking feeling. Those who think they have it (on whatever front), ‘tiptoe through the tulips’, whilst those without it wonder ‘where the bus has passed them by’.

Driving this down deeper is the popular saying used by a particular gender (I refrain, for fear of backlash / a few backhand swipes): “If you have it, flaunt it”…I could tarry on long here, so let me duck the risk of ending up discussing social, gender or fashion issues here, lemme make a bee-line back to the music, okay!

So, you came across that upstaging friend / neighbor who always seems to have the edge over you. Musically speaking, that person always outshines you in the vocal stakes, that, whenever he / she starts to sing, it attracts people like moths to a flame, leaving you the chilled-spine, knowing your (come-like) lack of talent has left you out in the cold again!

You vengefully revel at the degrading remarks by judges on these musical shows – it gives you the feeling of comfort knowing that, thankfully it’s not you on that stage making your name crater, and secondly, while you know you can’t sing, that person is worse than you (of course you have the audacity to voice your opinion loudly, knowing your friends won’t disagree with you – not in your own house, at least!).

Lets get it straight: no one was born with the musical silver spoon in the mouth. Neither did God sit with the pen behind his ear, ticking off: ‘okay you, no not you, no not you either, okay this one’. No ways, ten fingers, that’s the only ability we were born with! Of course there are those who are fortunate to be born into musical families and have access from an early age to instruments and the like, but who says that gives them the edge over you?

Somewhere, somehow, instruments had to be picked up and messed around with! Mouth had to open and voice let out, sounding ‘hook-and-crook’ maybe, but open it must! The interest has got to show from an early age! Walking past an instrument daily may kindle some sort of desire, but things can only start happening when you step up and soldier on relentlessly!

I may not be able to dance like Michael Jackson, but it doesn’t mean I can’t dance…or sing – of course I can, and I need to grow my own identity. Imagine if the whole world sang, danced and looked like Michael what a boring, oddball we would be living on.

Over the years, countless world-icon performers and musicians had one mantra, one universal outcry: practice, practice, and again practice!!! Time and space would not allow me their names and experiences.

Here’s a few popular excuses – add to that, if you like:
* I love this instrument – if only someone can teach me how to play it properly.
* Yes, but that guy was born into a musical family, I was born in a two-bedroom house.
* I don’t have beat in me – why, I don’t know.
* Shyness just overtakes me – I’ll never be able to perform in front of people.
* Oh my hectic – where am I gonna find the time to practice?
* The melody starts out perfectly in my head, but when it reaches my mouth, it comes out crooked and allsorts.

In your mind you may have already identified with some of the above and conjured up your own antidotes. That’s good, for this leads to the path of self-trust, self-establishment.
In the end it creates the ability to say: “it started out with small steps, but sheer determination levelled the playing field for me.

Budding artist / muzo, allow me to give you two silver keys towards “having it”:
* Don’t just throw “I CAN’T” in the bin, wait for the rubbish truck to take it away so you know it’s gone, outta here, bye!!!
* Stick this on your shoulders:”I AM ME and not SOMEONE ELSE!” (and what anyone thinks of me can’t cut a single piece of ice on how I see myself).

“You are one in 7.5 billion” – this either makes you feel like a gem, or insignificant. How you see yourself determines how hungry you are. And then years from here, you’ll lean on your old age knobkierie and say: “well, maybe I didn’t have it, but I wisely went for it, grabbed, made it mine and I’ll die with it”.

Well, we’ll continue with this batch, folks – trust you learned something from the old man today. Roy Orbison says: “everything YOU need, SHE’S got it” (valentine’s day feelings already, Roy?…)