Discovering Your Musical-Self : the real YOU

Hi muzos, we’re forging ahead inch-by-inch with our journey towards musical fulfillment – we started doing some self-discovery introspection. Once again you’ll agree with me that right from the outset one needs to take a hard look at oneself, so please, dont rush out the small door now, we need to simmer this thing right here!

Have you noticed on those food programs how the chef beats that tough piece of steak ‘into submission’ so it becomes chewable – the rest of the platter may look nice, but that tough, small steak ruins it all, that’s what we got to do here, folks!

Identifying that little chink in your musical armour is crucial, and many a time its called ‘YOU’/’ME’/’I’. True!
Come on – dont tell me you’ve never prayed silent prayers like: “uhmm…please God, just let me have Mariah Carey’s voice by tomorrow, then I’ll sing from the mountain tops and save the whole world, thank you so long God, please do it while I’m sleeping so I’ll be ready in the morning, muchos gracias, eh!”

Or maybe this one: “God, if th├ít guitarist dies one day, I would love to inherit his fingers.”

Hey…for crumbs sake, lets wake up!! Ya, that’s right, we all got stuck in that trap at one stage or another, and all it means is: WE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH WHO WE ARE. Hey, how about : “Brad Pitt wishes he could be ME, but sorry, there’s room for only one in here!”

Yep, it ALL starts with me. QUESTION: how much of ME do I really love? DO I LOVE ME? Does the Greatest Love of all really start with me? Or, as we have been naturally taught, “I Love GOD” (all true, make no mistake here), but then I hate myself or parts of myself. Uncool, eh!

I’m tempted to throw a practical here, cut this blog installment short and sweet, and write a love letter to myself..[gasp, what?], and I challenge you to do after me by posting your “selfie-letter” public on facebook or twitter. Come on, take the plunge! Can we do that?…pleeees?! Here goes:

Love letter to Andrew: “Dear Andrew, I have known you since birth. I saw you were not born with the usual blonde hair and blue eyes, but where did you get that cool brown skin from, pal? You might not have gained Tarzan’s Tallness, but did inherit your dad’s liveliness and the kind, good spirit from your mom. You got the most hunky smile, family nostrils and frown, you are the best muzo that YOU know, and come the age 70 one day, you’ll look like 40! I would not change anything about you, you are a peoples’ person.In your life you got hurt many a time by caring for others more than yourself, but you know what – all good, only YOU are capable of that. Don’t poke no more fun of me, eh! – you’re okay, I love who you are man, and I wont waste my life wishing to be someone other than YOU. I betcha didn’t even know that.” – from your shadow.

Friends, starting with me, would you follow suit? Come on, let’s have a mass fun, loveletter-selfie for good sakes, I dare you – comment section, facebook okay!!

Till the next time, as Mr. Miyagi says: “blog on…blog off, blog on…blog off”- cheers, HTN