Discover Your Musical-Self

Hi, budding musicians, artists and music fundies – thanks, and welcome to a journey of musical excitement, fun, information and discovering yourself in your own world of music royalty.

This blog’s aim is to enlighten you on many aspects, questions and fears you may have encountered up till now in your journey, and endeavour to answer even those questions you are afraid to let out (even to those closest to you). Many a time we will “shoot from the hip”, as this creates a effervescent way of ‘letting off some musical steam’ to rescue you off your lonely musical lamenting island – and put you right on par with your peers. In short, this blog will “add music to your voice and voice to your music”.

With this said, where does one begin? We believe the best place to start is NOT the world musical charts, billboard shows, internet-based musical underbelly, nor your church choir or your nearest record bar: when the starter’s gun goes off, there should be one person right there: YOU.

Did you know that ALL music starts and ends with YOU? Recon this: if you were not alive today…or…how many songs did someone else hear through your ears…or…did your friend give credence to a song by listening with YOUR musical taste buds? Get the point? Here’s a hint for the low-flyers: there’s a music-centre buried somewhere deep inside you that no medical procedure can remove nor can your worst foe hit out of you (well, actually your jaws might hurt a little). So, in the words of the wise Old Man: “you gotta let it out…”

To start with, consider the music-mirror: music is looking at you as you are looking at music: face-to-face…mirror, mirror what do you see?

Hey, time’s up, so we’re heading there, folks – eventually tip-toeing right over this huge mountain…a long road awaits us. Cheers, wait up and stay logged on for our next installment shortly. HTN