Seize / grab the moment. Otherwise expressed as “seize the day”. Do not live for tomorrow what you can live for today. So many – and that includes ALL OF US – were guilty at one stage or another of this “crime against time”, and ALL OF US have cringed down, visiting our own dark corner, silently praying: ‘If only I could turn back the clock!’.

As we would have found out by now, the clock favours opportunity, and is the enemy of procrastination. One just needs to let the mind wander back in time to reminisce the many instances we allowed opportunities to slip through our fingers. Hindsight, the perfect schoolmaster, teaches us today what the outcomes could have been had we acted then, and raps us for becoming ‘masters of our own folly’!

Good on us, though, where we made the right choices.

‘Carpe diem’ works in more ways than one – sometimes we need to get OUT of situations, we need to understand and grab that sensitive moment and abruptly move on to something else. Other times, we need to create our own opportunities than wait for one to arise,but there’s ONE golden rule about seizing the moment: IT MUST MAKE YOU MOVE FORWARD, NOT BACKWARD OR STAY STAGNANT!!!

You know why a pool of water turns green or filthy? Because it’s stagnant – no fresh water runs in, and similarly, it does not get rid of the standing water!

Hit-the-Notes studios have come about expressly as a result to counter situations like these: NO opportunity…SEE an opportunity…CREATE the opportunity…PROVIDE others with an opportunity – there it is.

Take The Journey
Take The Journey

To the musician/singer, grabbing the moment means battling with your instrument or your voice, to take you further. If your instrument collects dust in a corner, the vocal cords only get fresh air when your show starts, then you are letting things slip through!

In the previous blogs it was our initiative to get you to grab hold and get busy, so we wouldn’t want to repeat previous pointers again.

For this installment we would highlight TWO areas of importance for people who want carve out a future for themselves in music:

1) Grab opportunities handed to you – if handed free of charge, use both hands, there are not many free lunches out there! Hit-the-Notes studios are currently in the process of investing in young artists by offering these kind of opportunities to help them launch their carreers and give them professional exposure – wanna lay hold of such an opportunity ?

2) Be marketable – you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve by presenting yourself as a marketable commodity. With continuous honing of your mentality skills, giving your attitude wings to fly, you’ll be pretty pleased with how effortlessly you can par-up with the likes of Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, and find out how you suddenly are able to ‘jam’ with, and complement their ranges.

Many times your world of opportunity only gets as far as your imagination, but in reality IT’S WAITING TO HAPPEN, WAITING FOR YOU!

A few years ago Lennox Lewis lost his world boxing crown because of not honing his skills for his world-title defence – didn’t seize the moment, didn’t care about the moment. Underestimating Hasim Rahman, he casually strolled into South Africa ONE WEEK before the fight, even taking another day off to watch some wild in Kruger National Park. Oh well then, that Saturday he watched a blurred South African moon rise, knocked flat-out on his back, eyes swollen – all because his opponent was focused by training profusely with only victory on his mind! He had to offer his excuses through swollen lips to a stunned world media. I can recount, I have don that yellow jacket many times myself.

Don’t YOU do the same.

Yes, budding artist, when the golden plate of opportunity comes around, grab it, hands, teeth and feet. There’s an old saying: “those who are hungry will never go hungry”…seize the moment, taste the victory!