Johnny Black

IMG_2731IMG_2865Local music talent, and foremost the future local music scene has just become a little richer…one music protégé richer, at least.

Well, if you are curious to know how your future music scene’s about to get a good colouring-in, look no further than Johnny Black.

Hailing from Kuilsriver, Cape Town, Johnny has shown an acute interest in music from his pre-teens already, and that hunger has grown into him learning to play the guitar by the age of 11. Natural talent in hand, he enrolled at Jazz Workshop in Cape Town Central and underwent 3 years formal training under teacher and mentor James Kibby.

Actually, it was James who commented once that “Johnny is the best student I ever had because he just “sees” it!”. He lives up to the saying: “if you can’t hear it, you can’t play it.”

Cognitive musical perception stems from one’s ability to “see” chord arrangements, progressions, note-forming, etc. with the mind’s eye, which distinctly comes when hearing cultivates a healthy imagination, which in turn, develops good creativity!

A musical mouthful, maybe, but these are the rudiments that have made Johnny strong from day one – and so it’s onward to the studio setup at his family home, where he interacts with his domestic musical fraternal.





So it all adds up to an exciting future where Johnny is putting in the hard yards now. In 2018, Johnny started studying sound engineering at SAE Cape Town, and graduated in 2019. He now has over 5 years of experience in sound engineering. Already at this young age, Johnny has ventured where lots of his peers have not gone yet – by composing his own songs, playing the instruments himself, laying down the studio tracks, and doing the production himself – all without the help of his dad…(well, just sometimes, as all young ones do!)

Meanwhile, he has not let his hands rest empty, and started doing cover versions of chart-poppers and uploading it to Youtube – it’s available on his Facebook page where you can check out the impressive interactive fan base he has built up till now.

All in all, it looks like a big thumbs-up for Johnny Black (the artists ID he assigned himself), and much to look forward to in his professional career which is not far off the horizon, according to his father.

We can expect big things to come from this young muzo and while you enjoy his video uploads, don’t forget to press the fan button, okay!

So, to echo the words of those who know: “let the music play, JOHNNY BLACK!!”


YouTube channel: channel/ UCqN4b7v4RO4FiSwNkTq3XCA



Facebook page: