Rabecca Jessica Seale aka “Becky”

Johnny by the mixer copy 2She hails from Cape Town, South Africa. The eldest of 3 to parents Gideon Ashur and Petunia Geraldine Seale, her close-knit family circle is rounded off by siblings Sarah and youngest, Hannah.

An avid singer, already from the tender age of 11, Becky recorded songs in her father’s home studio, Gidman Media Productions, utilising the domestic setup to hone her skills-of-performance to become an artist one day. Well then, soon could never wait long enough, and she started taking on local and community-based gigs, revving up crowds with live vocals, aided by sound from her dad’s studio-produced backtracks.

Early steps turned into bigger strides when her first real big one came in the form of a school friend teaming up with her, curiously forming “The BK Girls” – Becky and Kaylin Lee Jones – whose song they duetted at memorial services, for starters. Becky went on to do the intro-act at a Sumo Tournament held in Cape Town (coordinated by a family friend) – appropriately singing a Japanese song: “Misia, Glory Day”, to great acclaim of the crowd, young and not-so-young!

Attending Shiloah Christian School in 2006, Becky’s boundaries got stretched further when, first, she coupled her school choir singing with being part of the school gospel band – and second, enrolled at Strandfontein High School in 2007, as a resounding success of the crowds adoring her talent show rendition of Beyonce’s “Deja Vu”, got booked to perform at all formal events and valedictories until 2008. But her “glory days” didn’t stop there – in fact it just started! In 2008 she auditioned for Glenda Jones’ (Glenda Jones Productions) ‘The Ultimate Talent Show’, sung Beyoncé’s “Listen” and “I’m a Believer”, and as a result, achieved enrolment into Wynberg High School in 2009 where she took Music, Drama and Dance as her choice subjects.

This quietly marched her on to becoming a household name at her school’s functions and fundraisers, plurally when she enrolled the following year at Cedar High School of Arts. The professional “yellow carrot” got dangled at her when, by chance, she was singled out to perform with the school’s Cedar Jazz Band (C.J.B.)

With the big time well in sight, she starred as front girl for C.J.B., performing at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival Arts Focussed Schools Concert. Meanwhile, her prowess got noticed by the local All Star Band, with whom she did a few compilations, ranging from Anita Baker’s “Rapture” and Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”, to name a few. These performances led her and the band to do the opening act at the Free Concerts in Green Market Square, in the heart of the City.

Becky’s naturally-gifted versatility to range cross-genre, and to adapt her style at moment’s notice, got mettled and proven by the various song-ranges and medleys she had to perform at these festivals, including “In the Stone” (Earth Wind & Fire) and Weekend Special (Brenda Fassie), humming and scatting along to Jonathan Butler’s Crossroads, whilst rendering the high-pitched “Suddenly” by Billy Ocean to perfection.

No surprises for guessing her major musical influence is Beyoncé Knowles of course, but her appetite for diversity is fast-tracked by influences of uber-contemporary greats Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey – her desire to stay true to her Christian beliefs well-rounded off by gospel influences of Marvin Wynans and Tremaine Hawkins of the iconic Hawkins gospel music dynasty in the USA.

Early in 2014 Becky was discovered by Kevin Hector, owner of Hit-the-Notes Studios in Kuils River, Cape Town, where she is currently working on her first professional debut solo album; the soon-to-come promise that, whatever has tickled your musical taste buds up to now, Becky’s sure to hit your palate with a new dimension of crazy freshness – so Keep Calm and Listen Up, everyone!