About Us

Hit The Note Studios is located in Kuilsriver, a suburb in the greater Cape Metropole. It comprises a fully digital recording facility with in-house, player-friendly, ready-to-play instrumental settings.

A skilled team of musicians offer audio solutions that include recording, production, mastering, surround sound mixing (for DVD, etc (optional), utilizing the latest digital equipment and computer tools that ensure only the highest quality final products.

Hit The Note Studios provides an affordable alternative at reachable costs, as a result of lesser studio overhead outlay.

Committed to providing the musical alternative, Hit The Note Studios encourages from the professional artist to the budding musician, young and old, in their journey to having their musical dreams turned into musical realities, and in the same time, create profitable sustainability out of it. This does not exclude the fact that Hit The Note Studios produces its own albums, having vast experience over the years in the gospel, jazz and community fields, with a huge audience-base in its tenure.

Using the Apple Operating System, Hit The Note Studios drives Cubase 9.5 Pro in conjunction with Steinberg audio peripherals as well as helpful studio niches that aide in creating the best for the artist.

Having signed up lately with the world’s premium record distribution firms, artists are ensured that their music gets instant access and recognition on the local and international stage, comprising 60 countries, and not in just a ‘little corner in a small suburb’ as many budding artists are so used to.

In essence:  we get the music you make in here, out there!

With music being what it is: not to be boxed in or painted into any single artist’s musical mind-corner, Hit The Note Studios embraces any artist who sees value / integrity in their ability to perform, sing or write songs, irrespective of what genre they wish to lay down.

Apart from the musical field, Hit The Note Studios entrenches artists that have ideas on anything, be it poetry or even school projects that need assistance – so stop off at the Hit The Note Studios turf for the best-enjoyed musical ride of your life.